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Mary Magdalene exists or not ?
Mary Magdalene, Pool of Bethesda ,153 Fish, Holy Bible Exposes
Pool of Bethesda - A Mystery
Mary Magdalene - A mystery
Mystery of 153 Fish
Who is God ? It is Myth
   or Mystery

Mystery and Myth of Holy Cross
Mystery of “Pantheon of Rome”    and its “Adoration”
A Mystery- Rigveda in ancient

Mysterious puzzles of New / Old

The Book is About To Complete

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Bethesda - is a Vagina Pool


   Secret of Holy Bible

  1. Mary Magdalene became pregnant…..but not through Jesus.
  2. Mary Magdalene excited Jesus to kiss every moment.
  3. Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene whole of the body .
  4. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute in real ?
  5. Is Pool of Bethesda within each woman ?
  6. Does every disabled pick up his cot ?
  7. Has each woman the sheep gate ?
  8. Can Jesus be in pool of bethesda?
  9. More puzzles of New Testaments.
  10. More puzzles of Old Testaments.


The stories of Jesus Christ as well as the Old Testament (Tanakh) are not a myth, but a mystery. A myth can never remain such a long period .Ignorantly saying that religious stories are a myth is wrong. Whenever the readers or religious followers can not understand the depth of religious story’s mystery, the miraculous religion is originated.

The followers of all religions believe that mythological story is a history but I like to clarify that the religious stories can never be a history (The religious stories never happened in any town, city, area or country but an area of its activities is whole of the world and the space). It can assert a claim only that person who has intensive research about religion.
The ancient scholars, authors created an authentic religious story which was full of puzzles. The miracles are originated by personification of nature or describing the nature in riddle.

The stories are calling………….
The puzzles are crying…….
The words are speaking…………
Listen to them …………….
Search and identify them………
You shall get revelation of a mystery.

A lot of scholars have versified to explain the Biblical events whose rhyming efforts have no relation with a truth of the Bible.           

I say verily that I will explain the Mystery and Myth of each and every word, sentence an event of the Holy Bible.

This is a last and final discovery of historical Jesus in the world.  There will be no need to search about mystery of Jesus Christ, in future.      

                                                                                            Narender Piplani
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Mystery of jesus
, Mary Magdalene, pool of bethesda, 153 fish, Jesus christ, JESUS CHRIST, Holy cross, Holy bible, 153 fish, Jesus Christ, Pool of Bethesda Mystery of jesus, Jesus Christ,
Mary Magdalene, 153 fish, POOL OF BETHESDA, JESUS CHRIST, Holy cross, Holy bible, 153 fish, Jesus Christ, pool of bethesda
,Pantheon of Rome,153 fish, Mary Magdalene, POOL OF BETHESDA.

Whether believe it or not ?

  • Pool of Bethesda --- A pool or a vagina ?
  • Did Jesus use to kiss the whole body of Mary Magdalene ?(Gospel of Philip)
  • what is real 153 fish ?
  • Who is the serpent of Eden ?
  • Why did the serpent disobey the Jehovah ?
  • Who is God ?
  • Pantheon of rome
  • Bethesda Pool and jesus


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